4.0 biologic product line: … BIO is a must!

Eco-friendly detergents: for an environment on a human scale

4.0 product line: environmentally friendly cleaning!


4.1 BioDet

BioDet is an ecological detergent for hand and machine washing. Start the no pre-wash cycle. Pre-treat stains. Before use on wool and silk give it a try (risk of felting).

4.2 Bio floorwasher

Ecological detergent great for marble, terracotta, parquet and all types of flooring.

4.3 Bio whashing up liquid

Ecological detergent for dishes hand washing, pots and pans.

4.4 Bio degreaser

Ecological degreaser, useful for cleaning all surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and windows too.

4.5 Bio Gel dishwasher

Ecological gel detergent for dishwashers.

4.6 Bio soap

Olive oil vegetable soap, for the bath or shower.

4.7 Bio shampoo

Vegetable olive oil shampoo, for frequent washing and delicate hair.

4.8 Bio intimate

Vegetable olive oil soap with a gentle pH level.

4.9 Hard soap

Excellent as a shaving soap, soap and cleanser.

4.10 Soft soap

4.11 Bicarbonate soap

A whitening ecological product, stain removing and sanitizing.

4.12 Citric acid

To use against limescale on washable surfaces; in the washing machine as a softener; as a rinse aid in the dishwasher.