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10,000 reused bottles match to: 625 kgs less of plastic, 350 kgs less of cartboard, 1,675 kgs less of CO2,  25 MW less of electricity

Our product lines


1.0 Semplice

Our line of traditional detergents
Tradition and high quality combined to guarantee safety and efficiency at the right price.

2.0 Pro

HORECA product line, for large wash volumes.
Now you can have great savings with no compromise!

3.0 Les

Contents of most value in the consumer packaging

4.0 Con noi

Our biological line with low environmental impact.
The best way to give a new boost to your sales and to help the environment!

5.0 Laundry

Detergents for professional laundries.
Secure the best cleaning results with the utmost respect for the garments which have been entrusted to you.

6.0 Mob

Everything for car cleaning.
Cleaning and sanitising solutions dedicated to car-washing, for both professional services and private users!

LES: packaged line … on the shelves now!

LES is a new line of superior packaged products from TUTTOSFUSO, characterized by clearly recognizable packaging for new and bio-compatible products.

All facets of the new brand (graphic variants and product lines) are in trade channel …


Welcome to the new website! It is not just a restyling, but there is new content, you will discover over time; follow us, we have projects that will involve you too!

New packged product line will come over the next few months, … and You will know this before!


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