1.0 product line: the best from tradition!

Cleasing solutions for the whole house

1.0 product line : high quality traditional cleaners

1.1 Fabric detergent

Super concentrated is suitable for any type of fiber : cotton, linen, wool , silk and delicate . It ‘ available in the following scents : Blue oxy, active ash, classic, lotus flower, musk, and scents of the Orient.

1.2 Fabric softener

Concentrated for fabric washing. This is a product for use in either, in a washing machine or for hand washing. Use in the last rinse to give fabrics a luxurious and wonderful softness. It is available in the following scents: Blue oxy, active ash, classic, lotus flower, lavender scents of the Orient.

1.3 Washing up liquid

It’s used for dishes manual washing in domestic kitchens, bars, canteens, restaurants and in all those cases where it is necessary to wash high volumes of dishes; a long-lasting product. Available in the following scents: lemon, vinegar, orange.

1.4 Degreaser

It’s a degreaser helpfull on all hard surfaces, with special cleaning power for stubborn dirt and fats; both organic and inorganic. Its special formulation allows for use on delicate surfaces, such as car bodies, artificial leather, fabrics, removing dirt without compromise.

1.5 Window cleaner

A multi-purpose detergent. Formulated for daily cleaning of glass, mirrors, plastic laminates, desks, steel and keyboards.

1.6 Floor cleaner

It is a deodorizing cleaner and degreaser for use on all marble floors, terracotta, tiles, stoneware and ceramics without rinsing, leaving a long-lasting aroma.

1.7 Toilet gel

It is particularly suitable, thanks to its formulation, for cleaning hospitals, medical equipment and sanitation in general.

1.8 Limescale remover

BRILLACCIAIO is a descaler able to remove any scale deposits. It also has a controlled sanitizing action due to the presence of noble acids.

1.9 Bleach

It is an energetic sanitizer and disinfectant which has antibacterial and whitening action. It can be used in many applications: slaughterhouses, canteens, hospitals, schools, public and private places such as gyms, nursing homes, swimming pools, sanitary facilities.

1.10 Gentle bleach

Thanks to its delicate formula it can be used as an additive to washing, helping your usual detergent in laundry cleaning, effectively removing stains in cold and low-temperature water.

1.11 Bleach gel

Special gel which cleans and sanitizes. Ideal for house cleaning and domestic environments in general. This product is also suitable for the cleaning of washable surfaces of the bathroom, is non-abrasive and removes dirt.

1.12 Dishwasher detergent

Particularly suitable, given its formulation, to the washing of dishes by automatic equipment of any type located in restaurants, communities, hotels, canteens and in all other sites where it is necessary to secure an effective cleansing product.

1.13 Brillantante

A rinse aid to enhance the cleaning of dishes and aid the drying of the same.

1.14 Decarboniser

It is a product designed for the removal of fats and animal and vegetable protein. Adapted to the radical cleaning ovens, hot plates, fryers, hoods, etc.

1.15 Wood and parquet

is a scented detergent suitable for the washing of all wooden surfaces, flooring, paneling and wooden furniture.

1.16 Marble cleaner

MARMO is particularly suitable, due to its formulation, to clean floors and objects in marble, travertine, cooked and semi-precious stones, restoring the original splendor of these materials.