6.0 product line: clean Mob!

Mob: car detergents and sanitizing

6.0 Mob line: hygiene and cleaning for Your automobile

6.1 Car shampoo

A highly concentrated cleaning product, to be used for external hand or mechanical washing of vehicles. Particularly suited to pre-wash the cars from “recondition”.  A neutral product, no matting agent, can be used on all types of bodywork, paint, chrome and plastic parts.

6.2 Liquid alkaline detergent

Highly alkaline liquid detergent for washing cars and tarpaulins without having to “sponge”. Essential in all cases where required maximum cleaning (for vehicles in general, engines, floors, stables, abattoirs, truck tarpaulins, etc.) does not interfere with the performance of any self-drying wax. Good foaming. If You correctly dilute, it will be compatible with all materials.

6.3 Glass cleaner

It is a particularly suitable detergent to remove oily traces on or inside the windows of cars. It is also suitable to remove traces of smoke and remove small scratches providing maximum brilliance. Perfect for reconditioning car windows of used cars.

6.4 Biphasic liquid detergent

It is a highly alkaline liquid detergent for washing cars and tarpaulins without having to “sponge”. And ‘essential in all cases where maximum cleaning is required. It is a two-phase product, made from two separate layers, emulsifiable by shaking. Ideal for cleaning truck tarpaulins, vehicles typically, engines, floors, stables, slaughterhouses, etc.

6.5 Black rewamp for tires

Specific product to furbish the appearance of tires, floor mats and rubber profiles. Gives surfaces a ‘good as new’ look with rewarding visual impact for the user. It is not sticky, it does not attract dust, is long-lasting and protects the treated surfaces.